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Short overview The business canvas of Alexander Osterwalder and Yves Pigneur offers an excellent opportunity to structure business models. In addition to the external view, which includes customer segments, channels and customer relations, it also includes the outline of the sources of income for the company under consideration. The internal view includes the key partners, activities and resources as well as the expected costs. The central aspect is the value proposition to the potential customer segments.
Online Reference
Book Business Model Generation: Ein Handbuch für Visionäre, Spielveränderer und Herausforderer
Video Osterwalder explaining the Business Model” [42:28] Canvas
Developed by  Alexander Osterwalder, Yves Pigneur
Key words Growth, business modelling

The methodology is a simple table with the 9 fields described above, divided into an external and internal view for the respective project. Anyone is free to fill the canvas from any point. Starting from the value proposition or customer segment is useful.

  1. Value quotation
    The central statement for creating value for the target segment. What creates value from the perspective of a potential customer?
  2. Customer segment
    Which customer segments are affine for the given value proposition. Which customer segments can generate the hoped-for revenues?
  3. Customer relationship
    What type of customer relationship will the project have – direct, indirect, sustainable or short-term?
  4. Channels
    Which channels should be used to transport/communicate the value proposition to the customer segments?
  5. Turnover
    What are the sources of revenue and what is their scope and time dimension?
  6. Key partners
    Since hardly everything can be implemented by one person or a small team, this area is reserved for the partners.
  7. Resources
    What resources are needed to realize the value proposition, manage channels and build customer relationships?
  8. Key activities
    What has priority, what can wait? Few but essential things for the realization of the project fall under the key activities.
  9. Costs
    What are the likely costs of the project?
Best usage for…

Joint development of a rough business model for a company, event, project or product. The special advantage lies in its easy participation by the group.

Weak result when… Lack of openness/willingness for BigPicture discussion
Template There are a lot of templates for example for Microsoft Excel, I found this template very helpful:
Needed time span 2 hours plus; within team set-up 4-6 hours will be reasonable.
Type of presentation
  1. Tables or word processing sheet, which can be used for the preparation or documentation of a workshop.
  2. Large moderation paper on which the 9 fields are entered. The respective entries are made by means of sticky notes. These can be easily sorted and reattached. Alternative business models can be visualized by different slips of paper.
Size of group

1-10 person

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