The perfect media (activation) plan?

Surprisingly enough most marketing media (activation) plans start with a “bunch of flowers”. Opportunities of spending the budget are countless and so is the variety of “flowers”. The more attractive the “flower” looks the more attention it will get. Quickly everybody is in love with her or his favorite. There are always gut feelings and of course market research plus the experience of the past actions. Even more agencies love to present their ideas in a colorful way – show the message on every “flower”.

Well, should one really be satisfied to spend the tight budget that way? Marketing is an investment, meaning there is always a clear business expectation behind. “Show me the money” would be an appropriate guidance to pick the right kind of flowers. And of course there is always more than one option. Business driven scenarios will be much more helpful that a simple “bunch of flowers”.

Yes, it is not trivial to go all the way down from broad spread activities (building awareness) to 1:1 convincing argumentation (buy the stuff and handle the objection). But there is no alternative. A successful investment is the pick of the most suitable option to reach the business goal in an agile process. To have a plan is a good start. To be able to adjust during execution based on facts is vital. Remember Mike Tyson “Everybody has a plan until he get punched in his face”. So better be ready to think in agile trackable scenarios rather than “messaged flowers”.

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