The power of Market in Marketing

Typical marketing approaches spending heavily on the last mile: promotion and activation. While the pressure is high to bring finally business cases to live and convert them into sell-through sales numbers the most important underlying source of success is undervalued: the (micro) market itself.

What is common sense at the stock market should also be common practice for B2C and B2B marketing and sales launches. Nobody would fight against a trend at the stock exchange – but why is that seen so many times for product launches?

Timing is key. Is a fact that has proven by many companies and successful product launches. Bill Gross the founder of idea lab impressively talked about – It outperforms the execution part, the idea, business case and the funding by far.

To start with, the understanding of mega trends and the umbrella market is quite helpful. What makes it a real success driver is the in depth understanding of the dependent micro market for the dedicated product or solution.

Every market is developing along the “S-curve”, of course in its own characteristic and expansion. The better the offer fit to the market needs and hit the growing section of the “S-curve” (the early majority) the better your sell-through and marketing campaign impact will be. If a company offers for example an accessory, the lifecycle of the corresponding bundle product is mandatory. The company better avoid to introduce the accessory at the end of the lifecycle of the mandatory bundle product.

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