Smart Structuring Intention
Hello, on this blog you will find a collection of Smart Structuring impules and methods that will help you to get a better grip on exciting, challenging or complex project tasks. Have fun using them. Leave a comment if it helped you. Uwe

Here you find a collections of take a ways where I’ve stumbled upon. Ideas, insights, lessons learned out of my daily work – just grouped under impulses.

Growth methods
The Smart Structuring growth methods are used when the particular situation allows or requires an option for an extended view of the task. The use of these methods is based on an induction – to abstract from the particular into the general, which enables new solution paths or partial solution paths or on a structuring of the existing components to focus on a higher effectiveness, e.g. for an improved customer satisfaction or a higher turnover.

Efficiency methods
The Smart Structuring – Efficiency methods can be used if the specific situation recommends an optimization. Typically, resource scarcity (personnel, money) drivers are to be used for such efficiency methods. However, the activities can also be continued without using them, only with efficiency losses.

De-escalation methods
Smart Structuring – De-escalation methods are used when the situation is a barrier to further progress. Until the current situation is resolved, neither further work nor new activities can be started: barrier (“show stopper”).