Attitude – the brand fuel

When it comes to branding the attitude plays an important role. While branding in general has a quite fluffy reputation, the effect of guidance based on a strong attitude can be tremendous.

Today’s branding often sleeps in some slides dealing with vision and mission developed by agencies and/or internal marketing experts. They have fought for meaningful words decorated with emotional pictures. But mostly that kind of approach ends in meaningless compromises and unfortunately is not very differentiating in front of their competing neighbors. They all want to be the leading, best, service- and customer-oriented heroes with innovative products and solutions.

Once it’s written down immediately the company employees forgot for what their company stands for. What is their attitude – in a German word “Haltung”?

Attitude – “Haltung”

The core of a powerful brand is its attitude towards the market. No doubt, if it’s helpful the company can and should write it down. If it’s more difficult than a simple sentence, the attitude will never take-off. The only way is the living-every-day way. The given attitude is a daily exercise. The ideal that has to be caught every other day, week, month. It’s far from being a matter of course. It’s a huge effort.

For every employee the attitude is the guiding principle – including the management. It has to be known and practiced by a large community every day. Therefore, it has to be simple and participative.

The principle of participation

A working attitude is the result of a participating process. Where everybody had the opportunity to join and contribute. Even so, not everyone will do that, but the more will join the more powerful the attitude will be. In most companies that process will start form the management and involve larger employee groups. Yes, that will take time and most likely an intense discussion.

Is it worth it? Yes, it is. A largely shared, ease-to-get and practiced attitude is a strong powerful energy to be more competitive as a brand.

The magnet effects

Surprisingly things become much easier owning and living a strong meaningful attitude. The communication and marketing will get a powerful main theme in their hands. An underlying spirit that binds all the single activities in one strong framework. Even more the product and solution development will be easier. The best filter of the backlog – and even the sprint backlog – is the attitude. Will the sprint MVPs really support the attitude? If not, your scrum team better think twice.

And finally for your customers and leads the differentiation will be much easier. The unflattering truth is that customers can hardly tell the difference between products with similar features. The attitude of a brand – if it’s really in the daily DNA of the company – makes a huge difference. The customer can feel it in almost every touchpoint, because it’s the powerful magnet in every experience.

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