Democratize digitalization within organizations

Same, same but different. It’s not another post about the importance of digital thinking and the change we are currently in. It’s an appeal for consent to actively participate in the upheaval.

Change has never been easy and it isn’t in the case for digitalization. Despite the fact that numerous companies already appointed responsibilities neither an individual nor a group won’t be in the position to cope with all the changes in front of them.

Almost similar to culture, digitalization is a race in which almost everybody within a organization is confronted with and better buy-in. The earlier the better. Of course neither everybody is a developer nor a digital evangelist. Also in democratic structures there are always individuals that are more engaged. Some individuals even earn their living as politicians. But it needs active participating citizens to run a successful democratic state. The democratic foundation is an overall common sense to live, support and actively participate. Today it seems like a natural law, but democracy in Germany is not much older than 75 years – if you exclude the 15 years of the unfortunate attempt of the Weimar Republic. Fortunately, the vast majority today are convinced and active democrats.

Digitalization has an impact on the entire organization. It is neither a fancy deployment of the IT department nor a work package delegable to a small task force. Nobody in today’s competitive environment can stand beside and wait to be asked to participate. Be active and get involved as a responsible digital citizen of your organization.

Three ideas what every digital citizen can consider to actively participate.

Follow the trend

The meaning and impact of digitalization is also in a constant change. That covers overall trends also as influences on verticals. In almost every vertical magazine or community there are great articles and impulses on digitalization. Follow some of these influential authors to stay on track. In addition, social media platforms as LinkedIn share a bunch of suitable content – especially on general topics. Whitepapers or studies are likewise remarkable sources of knowledge. I’ve found notable material from strategy companies as Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey or Bain Consulting. On you can find an impressive library of PDFs.

Learn to code

Not everyone can be a developer. That’s for sure. Also not everyone will become a Chemist, physicist or mathematician. Nevertheless, everyone at school has acquired a basic knowledge about chemistry, physics and math that provides a basic understanding of methods and structures. Computer science or programming is unfortunately hardly taught as a mandatory subject in school. And so even today there are still more French teachers in school than teachers for computer science. French is a beautiful language. No doubt about it. But in the digitalization it doesn’t help at all. Why is the second “foreign” language in Germany still French or Spanish instead of Java, c++ or Python? On websites like or there are wonderful, easy to get, basic courses for almost every kind of programming language. Just start – it’s fun.

Just start

Don’t wait for someone. Be active, get involved! Try to identify what will be the meaning and change to your industry, profession, department and role. Contribute to get your group of influence and company onto the path of digitalization. Back in the days when Japanize industry became quite strong, on pillar of their huge success based on continuous quality improvement. Kaizen is first of all a way of thinking. All employees should follow the path of continuous improvement – little steps but in a sum their delivered enormous quality and efficiency gain. As Kaizen also the digitalization has to be an active part in everyday thinking – and can be mastered within continuous (little) steps of everyone. Be reflective in today’s methods and process, tools and own products.

I wish you much joy, exciting projects and a successful transformation. 

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