Stop ‘just talking’ – Start delivering

Stop 'just talking' - Start delivering

Well, talking is nice, it’s a social act, but it can also be a time waster. In contemporary marketing working mythology talking is nice to get to known people, build the team and have nice conversations during the lunch break or after work. During focused working times in most cases just talking is the counter part of delivering results. Why? Get an understanding fueled by the following five impulses to deliver better results – and use the time normally occupied with ‘just talking’ to do your core work, analyses best-practices, read studies, understand and deploy smart shortcuts.

Keep the end result as your North star

From the very beginning the end result is your guidance – the North star. Don’t compromise on that fix point. The result is the ultimate target – not the activity during the period of reaching it. Without the North star a social interaction is difficult to focus and most likely will end up in time wasting talking about something else or a different topic. The first delivery must be the North star.

Also the exit is an option

Quite a lot of great ideas and marketing activities end up in none valuable results. Even within Google most of the projects fail. So, failure is not a shame is an option from the very beginning. Taken the strenuous team approach to deliver result will reveal unvaluable projects much faster. The time not invested in trying to deliver them is the real shame. And ‘just talking’ about the great ideas and lot of activities that has been undertaken won’t solve the issue. Be smart and invest the time in trials to deliver first insights.

Be restraint on sharing activities

Some team members are very active in sharing their activities. Well, not bad, but almost useless except for those who have a delivery, need important information or are in the decision-making role in that activity – for all others the information on activities is a time waster. So be cautions in sharing activities during team meetings. Activities are simply ingredients that should lead to results, in most cases they will change, are miss-leading, end in a dead-end or are simply boring. Concentrate on the (pre) results of work stream that close the gap to reach the North star. If the taken activity has shown first result – phantastic! Share the results, insights on optimizing to achieve better results – but avoid to talk too much about activities.

Be prepared to focus on facts

There are so many gut feelings in marketing one can get easily lost in semi-based or even none-based fact concept papers. General or common-sense wisdoms still served as the fundament for every other new project or marketing activity. Lease that kind of insufficient ground and invest your time to build a better fact-based fundament. At least try to research on case studies, business papers or user insights to develop the next level communication fundament – in contrary spending too much time on ‘just talking’ about gut feelings or common-sense wisdoms.

Less tolerance about ‘just talkers’ in a team meeting or call

I have participated in many team meetings whose length could have been significantly reduced. Well again, the enemy has been the time waster ‘talking’. In some cases, the driver has been the preparation: What should actually be decided or understood by the participants? To spend people’s time on just sharing information would have been better delegated to pre-reading papers or slides. The second time waster is less insightful discussions within meetings. Interaction to clarify ambiguities or first ideas on possible solution – well, that helps. But stating or even worse ‘just talking’ about trivialities is an efficiency killer. Once I’ve had a meeting with Apple in Cupertino – the meeting rooms could only be booked for a maximum of 30 minutes. Make sure that every teammate focusses on efficient interaction to reach results – rather than spend the time on ‘just talking’.

If you keep the five delivery shortcuts in mind during your working week, the time spend on ‘just talking’ will get a significant set-back. There is simply less time to spend in jabbering that hardly leads to any tangible results at all. Stay effective and deliver results.  

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